Mass Evacuation Systems


Unified mass evacuation solutions that are truly multi-platform

Improve operational efficiency and safety effectiveness by automating and synchronizing notification across different systems. Envision being able to push notifications across emergency communication systems, intercom systems, IP phones, mobile devices, PC and laptops, security systems, video systems, message display signs and access control systems completely seamlessly all from one provider.

Increase security and maximize your budget

Unified mass notification platform is the answer to K-12 schools, universities, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, transportation infrastructures, factories, industrial parks and military bases, where emergency evacuation planning is difficult, multiple notification systems are deployed and operational budget is a constraint. Creating integration across different systems, simplifies mass notification operation processes and simplifies your bottom line.

Give your employees situational awareness anytime and anywhere

Knowledge is critical in effectively responding to an emergency situation. The more knowledge one has about a situation, the better he or she can manage the crisis. Situational awareness is the state of knowledge of the event, what is happening around that event, and the anticipated risks. The right message to the right people at the right time. 

Solutions for Demanding Industries

With real threats such as; active shooter, bomb threats, industrial emergency and/or severe weather employees and customers expect safety and security. We’re your partner in providing quality, reliable solutions for protecting valuable assets…..people. Together we can reduce insurance premiums, as well as the risk of random violence and theft throughout your facility.

Mass evacuation systems designed by a team you can trust

National Security Systems offers a complete line of Mass evacuation solutions from Honeywell, Coper Notification, Bosch Security Systems and many others. From one location to solutions for multiple installations, we have the system that’s right for you. Click here to get a free, custom quote.