Put a Home Fire Alarm System at the Top of Your Priority List

Home Fire Alarm Systems

Put a Home Fire Alarm System at the Top of Your Priority List – Goals for 2022

While some fires begin naturally such as with lightning, most often fires are manmade and therefore preventable. Unfortunately, many of us are lax in using the most effective means of firefighting: smoke and heat detectors, fire prevention education, and fire exit drills. Consequently, fire is among the leading causes of accidental deaths in the home each year. Having a monitored home fire alarm system can save lives and property. You can read all about fire alarm systems here or contact our of our security experts today.

Prevention: The First Step in Fire Safety 

While every room in your home has potential fire hazards, two of the most likely areas for a fire to start are the kitchen and garage.

In the Kitchen

Make sure all electrical appliances and tools have a testing agency label — either UL for Underwriters Laboratories or FM for Factory Mutual. Frayed or worn power cords and plugs should be replaced. Thoroughly dry hands before operating appliances, switches, or outlets. Never plug more appliances into a socket than it is designed to accommodate safely. Store only nonflammable items over the stove. Turn pot handles inward so children can’t pull them down. Have an appropriate fire extinguisher on a wall away from the stove.

In the Garage

Items to be saved should never be stored near the furnace or water heater. (Hint: many of these items can be stored in plastic or metal garbage cans, which are airtight as well as fire retardant.) Have heating equipment checked annually. Store gasoline and other flammables in tight metal containers preferably away from the house and NEVER near the heating equipment or a pilot light.

Smoke Detectors: Your Early Warning System

Since most fire deaths are caused by asphyxiation, and usually at times when people are sleeping, smoke detectors are the most effective piece of fire-fighting equipment you can have in your home. Smoke detectors should be installed in the immediate vicinity of the bedrooms and on each additional story of the family living unit. Monitored smoke detectors are the best. These devices will send a fire signal to a central monitoring station so that the fire department is dispatched immediately, whether you are home or not. After installation, smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month.

Solutions That Can Save Your Live

We have several smoke detectors to protect you and your family. We offer the SiXCombo wireless combination smoke/heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector which is compatible with our Honeywell Home Pro Series or the 5806W3 Wireless photoelectric smoke detector which is compatible with our Honeywell Home Vista series. Whichever system you choose you can be alerted of any emergency on your smartphone with our award wining Total Connect app.

The A-B-C’s of Fire Extinguishers

When used correctly, fire extinguishers can keep small fires from becoming large ones. However, if there is ever a question of whether to put it out or get out, always opt for safety. Since there are three classes of fires, there are also three different types of fire extinguishers:


For use on ordinary combustibles (paper, wood, cloth, rubber, many plastics).


For flammable liquids (oils, gasoline kitchen greases, paints, solvents).


For electrical fires (wiring, fuse boxes, motors, power tools, appliances).

A-B-C Type 

There is also a multipurpose dry chemical extinguisher labeled A-B-C that is effective in putting out most types of fires.

Start Protecting Your Family Today

Don’t put it off contact one of our security experts today. Take these steps to protect your home and family from a potentially deadly fire today. Home fire alarm systems save lives.