Burglars and Their Habits

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Would you recognize a burglar if you saw one?!?

The past decade some serious efforts have been made to find out more about burglars and their habits. Research on the self-reported crimes of repeat burglary offenders has contributed to a comprehensive profile of the American burglar.

Burglars are Young and Dangerous

Over two-thirds of all burglars commit their first break-ins between the ages of eleven and twenty-five. Burglars are largely grouped in the sixteen to twenty-five year-old age group, with the majority clustering at eighteen to twenty-one. This means that your chances of being burglarized by a “seasoned pro” are relatively low. But it also means that the possibility for vandalism, violence and overreaction is high. In fact, over three-fifths of all rapes and one-third of assaults in the home are committed by burglars.

Family Life is Tough

Most burglars are unmarried, and many come from poor homes. However, poverty is probably not the crucial variable. Violence in the family seems to be a more accurate predictor of delinquency than poverty alone. Burglars tend to lead a lonely life with few attachments to family or friends. Many criminals live in the same neighborhoods as their victims. In fact, most break-ins occur within a five- to ten mile radius of the burglar’s own home.

How They Get In

Contrary to popular belief, fewer than ten percent of burglars pick locks. Kicking in a door or smashing a lock is by far the preferred way of gaining access for most burglars and the easiest. It also requires the least amount of skill. Most burglars say they would spend no more than ten minutes trying to open a door or five minutes for a window.

Do Drugs Increase Burglaries?

Yes! Out of all factors studied, drug use is most strongly associated with increases in residential crime. On average, 70% of all burglars use drugs within 24- to 48- hours of their crimes.

What Do Burglars Steal?

Cash                           22%

Tools                          15%

Home Furnishings   11%

Electronics                 11%

Bicycles/Parts            11%

Jewelry, Fur, Silver      8%

Guns                             6%

Here are some more numbers

Did you know that, according to the F.B.I., a residential burglary occurs once every nine seconds? The fact is, the average family has a three in four chance of being burglarized during a 20-year period! That’s the bad news but the good news is that a monitored security system is a proven way to dramatically improve these odds. Studies conducted by researchers at Temple University found that homes protected by a residential security system are 2.2 times less likely to be victimized by burglary than homes without a system. Businesses with a commercial security system cut their risk 4.6 times. So if you like those odds better, give us a call. We’ll show you how to keep you and yours from becoming another crime statistic.

What you can do today

If you’re like many of the rest of us, you may have put off installing or upgrading your security system. If that is the case, we would like to show you how easy it is to provide yourself and your family with the safety and peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today and see what a security system from National Security Systems can do for you. Please don’t let your family or business become a victim, take a moment now and look at the many solutions we have for commercial security systems, residential security systems and industrial security systems.